Optimate App

Files and formats

File properties

Processable file properties
Processable formats .STP, .STEP, .SLDPRT, .SLDASM
Maximum file size 5 MB
Upload volume Simultaneous upload of 50 parts
Assemblies Dismantling of assemblies (up to 25 parts) and subsequent analysis of the contained individual parts


The App contains a history with all analyzed files
Usage options Filtering options and keyword search
Storage space Analyzed files are stored in the history for 3 months


The Optimate App’s available interfaces
API Programmable interface for integration into client systems
Feasibility Analysis
    Configurable values

Design warnings

Feature to detect and display common design flaws in sheet metal parts.  
Cutouts near the bending zone Calculated with the following criteria: sheet thickness, bending angle, material, UT, LT Tool pairing
Inner bending radius too small If the inner bending radius is smaller than the corresponding sheet thickness
Minimum hole diameter not reached 0.8 x sheet thickness
Maximum bending length exceeded 10,000 mm (standard value)
Unwinding dimensions too large Large format: 1,500 mm x 3,000 mm (standard value)
Maximum bending force exceeded 2300 kN (standard value)
Overlapping surfaces during unfolding Part cannot be finished -
Correctable warnings    
Minimum leg length not reached Calculated by: Sheet thickness, bend angle, material, tool pairing.
Affected leg is stretched to minimum leg length + subsequent download
Part Optimization
    Configurable values

Potential recognition

Feature for identification of optimization potential of sheet
metal parts with rough estimation of cost savings
Distinctions Highly optimizable, optimizable, not optimizable, cannot be analyzed -

Automated Optimization

Feature for the automated redesign of sheet metal components with
alternative solutions for more cost-saving production
Redesign After checking the optimization potential, the sheet metal part is redesigned
to more cost-efficient solution variants + subsequent download option
Cost comparison (before/after) The cost saving is calculated by: Material, bends, laser time, number of welds,
length of welds, offcuts
Cost Calculation
    Configurable values
  Feature for price calculation of sheet metal parts, based on material, scrap and process costs (laser cutting, bending and welding)  
Material weight according to average market prices
Scrap difference between bounding box and unfolding area
Cutting setup costs + production time x machine hourly rate
Bending setup costs + production time x machine hourly rate
Welding setup costs + production time x machine hourly rate
CAD Plug-in
    Configurable Values
  CAD plug-in for SolidWorks for analyzing single sheet metal parts (v1.0)  
Included Cost Calculation
  Feasibility Analysis
  Part Optimization (Potential Recognition & Automated Optimization) -
Not included Dismantling of assemblies  
    Configurable values

Parts Consulting

In the individual online consultation, the parts uploaded by the client are analyzed (individual
sheet metal parts and/or more complex assemblies). Possible solutions are outlined and
optimization proposals are developed together with the customer. A recording of this consultation
is made available afterwards. No optimized CAD files are created. This service can be booked via
the Optimate App. The Optimate parts consultation is carried out by a subcontractor.
Extra charges will apply.

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