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Sheet metal knowledge at the push of a button

Potential Recognition, Feasibility Analysis and Part Optimization for Sheet Metal Processing

In a world of rigid product development, Optimate believes in the power of ever-better-thought solutions - the key is a patented software solution that designing and manufacturing companies can use via the cloud-based Web App or a connected API interface.

Optimate's cloud solution consists of two products: feasibility analysis and part optimization. In a first step, the user uploads his sheet metal part as STEP or SolidWorks format in the Web App. Multiple 3D CAD files can be uploaded and analyzed simultaneously. Structural steel, stainless steel and aluminum can be selected as material options. Within a few seconds, the system lists which part can be finished and how much potential is available.

Fig. 1: Analysis in real time - the Optimate App checks parts for feasibility and uncovers optimization potential within seconds

For parts that cannot be manufactured in a process reliable manner, the App provides either suggestions or immediate design adjustments. A highly optimizable part can mean cost savings of more than 30 %, a part that can be optimized well can lead to cost savings of up to 20 %. With the help of automated part optimization, alternative, more cost-effective design methods for these parts are generated in the next step. The data sets of the adapted as well as the redesigned part are immediately available for download at the click of a mouse.

Depending on the batch size, significant cost savings can be achieved through redesigning, for example through material savings or by eliminating entire work steps. For example, an initially designed expensive weld seam is eliminated by replacing it with a bend and adding separating cuts.

Fig. 2: Optimate CEO & Co-Founder Jonas Steiling with an optimized sheet metal part in a before-and-after -comparison

'Digital and automated software solutions are in demand and equally address problems of the shortage of skilled workers and the loss of competence due to employees leaving the company. We deliver sheet metal knowledge at the push of a button: feasibility check, potential recognition and part optimization ensure greater process reliability and cost savings in sheet metal processing,' explains Jonas Steiling.

The AI-based potential recognition and automated part optimization with integrated redesign are so far unique on the market and support the digitization process on the way to Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory.

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