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Optimization with machine learning


Mechanical Engineering Blogger Paul Kuehn discusses digital optimization of sheet metal parts

'Digital solutions for manufacturing are currently transforming the industry. Particularly, Stuttgart is an interesting hub for start-ups - Optimate is a prime example.'

Paul Kuehn has been running the blog 'Der Obermachinist' since 2018, which revolves exclusively around digitalization in mechanical engineering and manufacturing. New software solutions for manufacturing companies, the challenges posed by online job shoppers and innovative procurement solutions for designers and developers are recurring and constantly changing topics that he analyzes on his blog.

Last year, for example, Paul already looked at various online suppliers of laser parts as well as milled parts and compared several providers. The differences are great and many of these digital job shoppers rely on software solutions to immediately estimate manufacturing feasibility and costs.

As part of his research, Paul approached us and together we set up an article for his blog to discuss Optimate's capabilities. Speaking to us, Paul said:

'The fact that Optimate has succeeded in analyzing and optimizing something as sophisticated as individual designs via AI, is something I find groundbreaking. That's because the software solution is not only hitting the tooth of time regarding online manufacturing, but also directly addresses issues of skills shortages and the loss of skills due to retiring employees in designing and manufacturing companies.'


You can read the full article on his blog!

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