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Marketing Highlights 2021

Blog post series: How to bring sheet metal design into the digital age

Continuing our blog post series ('How to bring sheet metal design into the digital age'), we take you on our journey to revolutionize the sheet metal industry by illuminating different perspectives and projects from our departments.

In this blog post, we look back on the Marketing highlights in 2021 - to be honest, after such an exciting year, it’s quite challenging to pick just a few projects to focus on. Let’s give this a try!


Regardless of the product development, every company needs basically a corporate strategy and a Marketing concept to start with. To define our Marketing goals, we started several workshops to develop a common understanding of how Optimate should be perceived as an innovative start-up, brand, and employer. In addition to specific goals and brand values, we have cooperatively established

our corporate vision: To shape the future of design – fully automated, scalable and available 24/7.


How do visions and goals become reality? Right, by addressing our target group with the appropriate measures. Since we’re offering a digital service, we also primarily focused on various Online Marketing activities.

Besides our regular newsletter dispatches and postings on our social media channel LinkedIn, we were very happy to have been part of several digital events, such as the second edition of the festival inspired event 'Days of Metal' by Laserhub.

Also, as interview partner on a podcast episode of 'Maschinenraum' we had the opportunity to talk about the initial founding idea and the potential of our services in detail.

Another big highlight in 2021 was the launch of this blog. With the aim to giving insights into modern mechanical engineering, we deliver varying content on a regular basis related to current industry trends and developments, our services as well as personal stories from our employees.

Successful trade fair premiere at Blechexpo

However, nothing replaces personal conversation and contact. At the end of October 2021, digitalization enthusiasts from the metalworking industry could explore our services at Blechexpo fair in Stuttgart. The presentation of the prototype of our innovative optimization algorithm at our trade fair premiere was both a major milestone and great success. Together with our colleagues from TRUMPF 'Part Optimization', we shot the fair movie 'Man vs. Machine' in a boxing studio beforehand. It vividly illustrates the challenges of part optimization and explains how to achieve the maximum economic benefits for your parts.

two people stand in front of the optimate trade fair booth


As the product development speed continues, the new year is already packed with a bunch of promising projects. Let’s give a little peek into 2022 – probably turning out as another highlight year for Optimate:


Launching Automated Optimization

We work intensively on our innovative and patent pending optimization algorithm to launch (generating variants of your parts, finding the best solution and predicting cost savings).

Caring about our planet

Sustainability will be a particular focus in the upcoming year as part of our efforts.

Shaping the future of design

Continuously expanding and further developing our services with the help of your feedback.


Many thanks to our partners, customers and supporters for trusting in us! Our sights are firmly set on the goals ahead and we are beyond excited what this year holds for all of us. Cheers to what is about to come!

Written by

Julia Kleindienst

Marketing & Sales Specialist

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