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Man vs. Machine


In 3 exciting duels, we show you how to get your parts optimized.

We all know it: Time is tight and the budget is low. How can we manufacture as quickly and cost-effectively as possible?

Far before production, the development and design of sheet metal parts are often very costly and time-consuming. If parts are already optimized during the development process, you can not only save time in work preparation, but also reduce costs in manufacturing.


Minimize costs and time: Three steps to optimize your parts.

In three exciting duels, Optimate 'The Machine' and Thomas 'The Man' face the challenges of part optimization. In the following section, you will find out how the duelists achieve the maximum economic benefits for your parts:

Duel 1: Potential analysis

Over 30% of all sheet metal parts offer optimization potential and can be manufactured in a more cost-saving manner. However, this potential often remains unused because it is simply not found.In addition, in the stressful daily work routine, there is often no time to take a closer look to optimize the parts.

Sheet metal expert Thomas recognizes the optimization potential of your parts at a glance, Optimate with the click of a mouse. You upload your sheet metal parts to our online platform, our service shows you which parts need optimization and forecasts the expected cost savings.


Duel 2: Design flaw detection

When does a design error hurt the most? Correctly, when it is just being detected on the machine during production.

In the first duel, you have seen which parts possess potential for optimization. In the second step, the opponents uncover common design errors that make your part either more expensive to produce or even unfinishable. In addition to cutouts that are located too close to the bending zone possibly leading to deformations, minimum flange lengths are identified to realize the production of the part. Also, the competitors immediately detect those parts for which unwinding is not possible.

Optimate 'The Machine' has a further ace up its sleeve:

In addition to detecting these warnings and errors, we offer an automatic repair of these parts and provide you with a new step. file which contains e.g. cutted edges to be able to unwind the part easily.


Duel 3: Part optimization

In the first two duels, possible adjusting screws for a more cost-effective part design and manufacturing were pointed out. But wouldn't it be nice to directly receive an optimized part without having to do it yourself?

While the sheet metal expert provides individual advice, Optimate will make your part optimization possible at any time - digitally & fully automated. In the future, we will offer you several more cost-effective solutions for your uploaded file. You will get an unfolding and will be able to check our proposals directly in a 3D preview in order to decide for yourself which solution fits your needs best. Stay tuned!

Analog consulting and our digital service thus go hand in hand to design your parts as economical as possible.


Are you up for the future of design? Let’s get ready to rumble!

Written by

Julia Kleindienst

Marketing & Sales Specialist

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