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Increasing efficiency through part optimization

How to reduce costs and maximize your profit in production.

In a highly technological world, efficiency in production, especially in sheet metal processing, is of paramount importance. An optimized production method significantly influences the profitability and sustainability of a company. In this context, the continuous search for possibilities to optimize production plays a central role.

To illustrate this connection more clearly, we would like to illustrate how the application of modern algorithms and AI systems can drive production optimization and enable significant cost savings. In doing so, we start directly with the part and use a concrete example part to show potential savings in the context of part optimization.

Initial situation

The user, a South American contract manufacturer, aimed to use Optimate to strengthen its customer relationships and provide world-class customer service through innovative design support. At the same time, it was critical for him to differentiate himself from other competitors by delivering parts to his customers more cost-effectively and efficiently. One particular challenge was to significantly increase efficiency in part testing, especially in South America, a highly cost-sensitive market where sheet metal design expertise is scarce. Therefore, it was important to use a user-friendly digital tool that allows the customer to access valuable know-how at the push of a button and replace manual inspections with automated processes.

A total of 35 bent and welded sheet metal parts were analyzed.  In the process, 7 of 35 parts (20%) were classified as highly optimizable. In the following, we illustrate one of these parts.

Example Part

For this part, a cost saving of 47% was recognized, which was achieved by replacing welding operations with the bending process step.


Material usage has been reduced by almost half through scrap optimization. While the laser cutting time remained the same for the optimized part, significant cost savings were achieved within the component by eliminating the welding process step. Despite the resulting longer bending times, the total cost per part has been reduced by €0.43.

With an annual demand of 650 parts, the cost savings amount to a total of €279.50 for the series parts produced.


As a result of a three-month trial of our cloud software, which cost the customer a total of €1,357.20, total cost savings of €2,170.31 were achieved, with an increase in profit of €813.11. The results of the test run underline the significant importance of innovative solutions and their use for a more efficient and sustainable future. At Optimate, we are always looking for the optimum and consider it our mission to continuously search for ways to optimize processes. We look forward to sharing further developments and improvements on our journey to transform the sheet metal working industry and optimize processes through the integration of our software solution.

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Carolin Heider

Student Employee

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