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Sheet metal part design expert Thomas Bronnhuber has accompanied Optimate since the beginning and knows its product very well. Since 2007, he conducts seminars, workshops and inhouse trainings for designers at TRUMPF 'Part Optimization' and gives them advice on how to achieve the maximum economic benefit for their parts.

A few weeks ago, we invited Thomas to talk about his job as well as the current trends and developments in the sheet metal industry. Referring to his connection to Optimate, he highlights the advantages of digitizing sheet metal design expertise and states his opinion on the possible changes in corresponding jobs in relevant professions.

Asking him if our upcoming innovative optimization algorithm will revolutionize the sheet metal industry, he replies,

'Absolutely. This is the first big step in the right direction. I'm convinced that’s the way how we will actually design in a few years.'

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Julia Kleindienst

Marketing & Sales Specialist

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