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Ensuring Security Throughout Digital Transformation

The Importance of Cybersecurity in Sheet Metal Processing

In the rapidly advancing digital transformation of the sheet metal processing industry, innovative technologies and system networking offer new opportunities to enhance efficiency and precision. However, with this progress comes a growing challenge - security. Cyber-attacks pose an increasing threat that must be considered by everyone. This is why the topic of cyber security deserves more attention than ever in the sheet metal processing industry.

Cyber-Attacks in the Industry: A Growing Threat

In recent years, but also currently, cyber attacks in the industry have been on the rise, underscoring the urgent need for effective security measures. This is also emphasized in an article on Cyber Security: The Threat Situation Continues to Rise. Such attacks can not only cause temporary production downtime, but can also compromise sensitive data and cause long-term damage. A rapid response and well-thought-out emergency plans are therefore essential to limit the damage and resume production as quickly as possible.

Challenges of Industry 4.0

With the transition to Industry 4.0 and the increasing interconnectivity of machines and systems, new challenges for cybersecurity arise. The integration of cloud solutions, software systems, and automation systems heightens the risk of cyber-attacks. It is becoming increasingly clear that Industry 4.0 processes can only be successfully implemented with a high level of security.

Security and Efficiency Combined: Insight into Security Measures at Optimate

Prevention Beats Reaction: This is precisely why security and efficiency are paramount at Optimate. Through regular security training for employees and collaboration with industry leaders such as TRUMPF, new protective measures are continuously implemented.

But how do we actually ensure the security of our customers?

Daily Backups:

By performing daily backups, we can enhance the protection of our customers' data and significantly minimize the risk of data loss.


Furthermore, customer data is secured through encryption within the cloud during data transmission and storage. This ensures that sensitive information is protected from unauthorized access during these processes.

Servers in Germany:

It is important to mention that our customer data is only backed up within German borders and not beyond. This ensures that the data is handled in accordance with German data protection regulations and guidelines, thus guaranteeing the highest level of data protection and security.

Protection Against Unauthorized Access:

Additionally, authentication at Optimate follows the OAuth2.0 standard. This means that a proven and reliable authentication protocol is used, ensuring the protection of our users' access credentials and significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

State-of-the-Art Now and in the Future:

The maintenance of our server infrastructure is regularly carried out by cloud specialists.

Another crucial aspect is that the Optimate app is based on state-of-the-art technology. Specifically, this means that the Optimate app has been developed using the latest and most advanced technologies. For example, the app features a user-friendly interface, high performance, and state-of-the-art security features. In summary, the application utilizes the best available technologies to provide an outstanding user experience and maximum security.

Process Landscape:

However, should a critical incident occur: In the event of security incidents or potential threats, these are reported immediately and appropriate measures are taken. For this purpose, Optimate has dedicated employees who are trained to deal with such situations.


Security in the sheet metal processing industry must be a priority in times of digital transformation. Companies should invest in preventive security measures and develop clear contingency plans for dealing with cyber-attacks. This includes implementing encryption technologies and providing regular training for employees. Trusting partners who prioritize security equally is the cornerstone of a long-term secure IT landscape. As a trusted partner on equal footing, Optimate has committed precisely to these measures and standards.

Companies must remain agile and continuously adapt to the changing threat landscape to ensure the protection of their data and operations. Only through a proactive approach and a holistic security strategy can firms effectively respond to the challenges of the digital future. Cloud solutions, such as Optimate, which are always maintained and kept up-to-date, are thus inherently tailored to these agile processes.

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Max Hesselbarth

CTO & Co-Founder

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