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Bizerba: Digital transformation in sheet metal part design

'I consider the acceleration of the development process and the saving of error costs as central added value.'

Alexander Orlowski, Process & System Coordinator, Bizerba SE & Co. KG


In May 2022, the collaboration between Bizerba, a leading provider of solutions in the field of weighing, cutting and labeling technology, and Optimate was kicked-off. Alexander Orlowski, Process & System Coordinator at Bizerba, reports on how the use of digital services enriches everyday design work as well as the connection to the high-tech company TRUMPF.

What added value do you see in using digital services in the product development process?

‘Primarily, I consider the acceleration of the development process and the saving of error costs as the central added value.

Several factors play an important role at this point:

  • Early detection of potential sources of errors in sheet metal bending parts
  • Avoidance of errors
  • Minimization of coordination efforts and dialogs between development, purchasing and suppliers due to errors.

As a side effect, I even see an increase in quality. Hereto, I also include a visual improvement in quality due to the avoidance of form elements close to the bending zone or the indication to apply relief slots.

Especially, the automated optimization will additionally help us to reflect the way we design. Every designer has an own approach on how to get things done or follows approaches that have worked well in the past. It is often not questioned whether these approaches are always the best ones. The suggestions from the software help us to pursue new methods and approaches and break up entrenched structures.’

How do Optimate's services & features support you in your daily working routine?

‘New developments can and must be checked in advance for potential sources of errors. In particular, young and inexperienced colleagues are made aware of errors at an early stage and can benefit from the knowledge of Optimate's experts.

A transfer of knowledge takes place by looking at and internalizing the optimization suggestions. The time saved can be put into innovative and creative designs instead of discussing with purchasing and suppliers.’

What is the role of the high-tech company TRUMPF in the partnership with Optimate?

‘The innovative spirit and curiosity about new technological possibilities connect one another. In my eyes, as a TRUMPF subsidiary, Optimate convincingly goes ahead with the promise of quality in digital part optimization. The software gives access to profound expert knowledge and makes it actually possible to experience the technologically feasible.’


Thank you very much for the interview, Alex!


About Bizerba – the global player from the Swabian town of Balingen.

Founded in 1866, Bizerba has grown to a market leading provider of weighing and slicing technologies for industry and trade and is a worldwide leading specialist in industrial weighing and labeling technologies.

Being present in over 120 countries worldwide, Bizerba has succeeded in becoming an innovation leader offering a unique solution portfolio of hardware and software around the central variable ‘weight’. The mid-sized company currently employs around 4.500 people.

Interview partner

Alexander Orlowski

Process & System Coordinator | Bizerba

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