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Why Optimate is worth the investment

In today´s digital era, the use of the right software solution is crucial for businesses. Our CSO, Sebastian Beger, shares his insights on the five main reasons why Optimate is a smart investment for your company. From time savings and waste reduction to cost optimization through artificial intelligence and invaluable expertise. Optimate provides a comprehensive solution for the challenges of sheet metal manufacturing.


 1 | The key to saving time

Imagine a part that has a faulty design, but it is not recognized until it reaches production. An essential factor that ties up time and resources are just these repeated clarification cycles between design engineers and production. Thanks to our software solution, these cycles can be minimized, resulting in a significant amount of time being saved. In addition, critical points often arise during the manufacturing process and are not recognized until it is too late. This can lead to delays and increased costs. This worst-case scenario changes with Optimate: Our feasibility analysis identifies potential problem areas at an early stage allowing the design to be tailored to specific requirements of production right from the start. In addition, there is a risk of contractual penalties if there are delays in completion. Our software solution minimizes that risk by detecting and resolving potential problems early to ensure a smooth process.

The effects are clearly noticeable: Project timelines are significantly shortened and the cost per hour for the involved personnel is reduced as less time is spent on unnecessary coordination.


  2 | The solution to unwanted material waste

One of the main causes of waste in manufacturing stems from designs with feasibility issues that only become apparent later in production. Faulty, flawed or defective products represent wasted material, which result in additional costs. This inefficient utilization of resources can have a negative impact on the budget and profitability of a project. In extreme cases, feasibility issues are only recognized after acceptance. This leads to enormous rework costs as the design needs to be completely revised or even redeveloped from scratch. Not only is this time-consuming, but it also significantly burdens the budget. This is where Optimate comes into play – through comprehensive feasibility analysis, potential issues can be identified and avoided at an early stage. Our software solution identifies design elements that may cause difficulties in production and allows for timely adjustments. This ultimately leads to a significant and sustainable reduction of rejects and material waste. The saved resources can be utilized more effectively and contribute to cost optimization. Additionally, expensive reworks are avoided, which not only cost time and money but can also impact customer trust.


  3 | Part optimization and cost savings through AI

Our unique AI-based software solution is the first of its kind on the market. What sets it apart is the result of years of experience and the combination of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence with the extensive knowledge of our sheet metal experts. With this unique combination, we offer a solution that quickly identifies optimization potentials and optimizes design sketches for cost-effective manufacturing. Through our automated optimization, significant cost savings are achieved. Even a redesign can lead to savings of over 40%. Cost-intensive welding processes can be reduced, saving time within the production process. With our software solution, we are revolutionizing sheet metal processing.


  4 | Grow with Optimate: Continuous developments

Our portfolio is constantly expanding: We are venturing into hybrid optimization for assemblies, where there is even more potential. If assembly positions have the same raw material thickness, they can be integrated into the main part using ribs as predetermined breaking points. This allows for minimizing the number of individual parts. Assemblies consisting of a combination of various types of tubes and laser parts at their core can be replaced with single-piece sheet metal bending designs. This provides the advantage of huge potential cost savings.


  5 | 30 years of expertise within 30 seconds

Reasons 1 to 4 may be available for purchase, but expert knowledge is priceless! Optimate gives you the feeling of having an expert with years of sheet metal know-how by your side, searching for solutions to your problems. Our developers have created a machine learning model based on thousands of part data and decades of specialized knowledge. It combines the efficiency and speed of AI with human expertise to bring together the best of both worlds. We open the doors to unrestricted access, regardless of when and where. The software can be used anytime and anywhere through our cloud-based web App. This allows for faster, more efficient and more flexible design.

Furthermore, Optimate consists of a dedicated team that always goes the extra mile to generate added value for our customers.

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Sebastian Beger

Chief Sales Officer

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