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Save time and costs – with AI-optimized parts

Design your parts for maximum efficiency­­­

We develop customized solutions with the help of AI

The Optimate algorithm is constantly learning. Using state-of-the-art machine learning models, we identify individual optimization potential and uncover cost-driving design errors.

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We bring years of experience in the sheet metal industry

As experts in the design of sheet metal parts, we know what matters when it comes to clever design. We combine quality and feasibility while ensuring the best functionality.

Cloud based optimization

We take the optimization off your hands quickly and reliably

Optimate combines expertise in the sheet metal industry with artificial intelligence. This unique combination leads to cost savings in your parts; anytime and fully automated.

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Smart sheet metal design means reducing cost drivers

This is how we optimize
  • 'Manufacturing ability check, design correction and optimization of sheet metal parts have never been made so easy.'

    PT Duta Laserindo Metal (DLM)

    CEO, Tiwan Liutama