Optimization is a must. Effort is not.

Almost every sheet metal part undergoes an optimization process. But you get to decide how complex it needs to be: With Optimate, you check the feasibility of your part at the push of a button and receive optimization suggestions for your design.


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Guaranteed process reliability

We check your sheet metal parts for feasibility. This way, any need for reworking is identified before a part goes into work preparation or into production. Flange lengths that fall short are detected in the Optimate App and adjusted to the minimum flange dimension – with just one click.

We provide advice on how to optimize your design, for example if cut-outs are located too close to the bending zone, the inner bending radius is too small or the minimum hole diameter is not reached. Reduction of your process costs and optimization of the production process.


Warnings, such as shortfalls in flange length, are displayed and can be adjusted with just one click.

metal part with orange marked area (before) metal part with green marked area (afterwards)

Potential Recognition

We determine the optimization potential for each sheet metal part and provide a rough estimate of the cost savings. The sheet metal parts can then be reworked manually by you, externally via our parts consulting service, or quickly and easily with our new 'Automated Optimization' feature.

Automated Optimization

We redesign optimizable parts fully automatically and offer you alternative solutions for your sheet metal part. The suggestions can then be downloaded as a CAD file. This way, you get the maximum economic benefit from your sheet metal part.

Highly optimizable

Intelligent redesign eliminates the need for welding, for example, and results in enormous cost savings.

metal part with blue marked area (before) metal part with green marked area (afterwards)

Calculating costs

Our cost calculation determines the price for your sheet metal part at the push of a button, based on the costs for material, scrap and production (laser cutting, bending and welding).

You get a price estimation for your part within a few seconds. The total costs are displayed depending on the batch size.

Identifying cost drivers

The detailed breakdown of cost factors allows you to identify the cost drivers in your part at a glance.

This allows you to make adjustments during the development process and take targeted measures to optimize costs.


Price calculation based on the costs for material, scrap and production.

Test our CAD plug-in.

To all sheet metal part designers! With our CAD plug-in for SolidWorks we improve your workflow and offer you more ease of use for design optimization. As simple as it is ingenious: you can now check your parts for feasibility and optimize them directly in your system.

Automate your development process with the help of our digital design guidelines and become a test customer! Contact us via



The right level of optimization for everyone.



Feasibility analysis and cost calculation for contract manufacturers who want maximum process reliability before production and cost transparency at the push of a button.

Feasibility Analysis

  • Design warnings

Cost Calculation

  • Price calculation per part

CAD Plug-in

  • SolidWorks Integration



Our complete package, including Automated Optimization is suitable for product designers. Parts are optimized fully automatically. The corresponding CAD file is also available with just one click.

Feasibility Analysis

  • Design warnings

Cost Calculation

  • Price calculation per part

Part Optimization

  • Potential recognition
  • Automated Optimization

CAD Plug-in

  • SolidWorks Integration



For software and platform providers with high volumes of analysis and optimization, the integration of our services via API interface is well worth it.

API Interface

  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Cost Calculation
  • Part Optimization
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