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Part optimization in the digital age is AI-based

Reduce production steps

A weld seam in the part causes an additional manufacturing step and thus high costs.

Optimize quality

The deformation of cut-outs during bending have optical, often even functional influence on the part.

Ensure process reliability

Reliable production of the part has top priority. If the minimum leg lengths are not met, this will lead to production problems.

Artificial intelligence as a driver of digital optimization

Digital optimization

A powerful AI needs know-how carriers for countless amounts of labeled data. At Optimate, these are based on many years of knowledge and experience in sheet metal design. State-of-the-art machine learning models, high-tech algorithms and intelligent feature engineering make our AI a unique product - so that you can reduce costs and produce as effectively as possible.

Man + Machine: Our Knowledge Base

We have brought together our expertise in the sheet metal industry in one place so that you can access our knowledge quickly and understandably.

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