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Transformation through digitalization and agility

The success story of the LaserCloud web shop of Deeg GmbH and Optimate

The Deeg GmbH, a mid-sized job shopper for sheet metal processing, has successfully digitized its operations and now offers a convenient way to order sheet metal parts online via the LaserCloud web shop.

Joachim Deeg, the CEO of LaserCloud GmbH, simultaneously manages the family business while experiencing firsthand how the business transitioned to an online ordering service. The Deeg company operates a 17,000 square meter production facility where they manufacture a diverse range of sheet metal parts. Their customer base primarily comprises of large industrial companies in the region.

The challenge was to efficiently manufacture small orders and individual pieces alongside a large-scale production. The solution: establishing a separate company with its own machinery, employees and a web shop for ordering sheet metal parts. Initially, the idea of developing a software for handling a small series and individual parts of sheet metal processing was met with skepticism. However, Jochim Deeg persevered and eventually discovered RockIT Manufacturing, a specialist in web shops for sheet metal processing that offer a real-time cost calculation for parts.

However, the web shop was still lacking a feasibility analysis, which is a crucial component for assessing the smooth manufacturability of incoming orders. And this is where Optimate comes into play:

Optimate is a globally unique digital service for the analysis and optimization of sheet metal parts. We offer a comprehensive, cloud-based, real time feasibility check that meticulously examines each part for potential manufacturing issues. Thus, it can be decided during the ordering process, whether a specific part can be produced or not.

The fact that Optimate has in-depth sheet metal knowledge in addition to software expertise was a major advantage.

By integrating Optimate's feasibility analysis into LaserCloud's web shop, the processes were further automated. Upon uploading a part to the shop, the first step is to check if the part is technically feasible for production. Subsequently, it is verified whether the available machinery can manufacture the part.

Fig. 1: With a single click, the parts to be manufactured are checked for feasibility after uploading the design data to the LaserCloud GmbH platform.

In a collaborative project, we further developed our service by adding customer-specific test routines and adapting it to meet the specific requirements of Deeg GmbH by means of a comprehensive customer profile. This involved integrating the following parameters:

  • Undercutting the minimum hole diameter
  • Exceeding maximum bending length and maximum bending force
  • Non-compliance with unfolding dimensions.

All of this was accomplished in just a few weeks, utilizing a highly agile approach and maintaining close proximity to the customer.

Since the web shop's launch in October 2022, the number of daily orders has been steadily increasing. To date, over 100 customers have registered and on average, they place orders for 400 individual parts per week. The integration of Optimate ensures that only parts with reliable feasibility are being ordered.

We sincerely appreciate the trust that has been placed in our collaborative project. We are excited about the opportunity to continue delivering added value through the integration of our services into LaserCloud GmbH's digital solution in the future.

Fig. 2: Joachim Deeg, founder and CEO of LaserCloud, envisions the future integration of Optimate's part optimization into the ordering shop.

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Max Hesselbarth

CTO & Co-Founder

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