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The complexity and relevance of assembly analyses

Assemblies in mechinical and plant engineering

In the world of design and production, assemblies are a central component of every product. These assemblies often consist of a large number of different components that are produced using different manufacturing processes. This diversity poses a challenge when it comes to analysing and optimising assemblies.

An in-depth understanding of assemblies is essential for efficient product development and production. In order to carry out an appropriate analysis, it is necessary to separate the individual parts according to their manufacturing process. This makes it possible to efficiently handle subsequent processes in the product development process, involving various departments such as programming, purchasing and production, each of which requires specific requirements and information.

In addition, assemblies provide valuable insights into the installation situation of a component and the available space within a product. This is crucial for the design and placement of components to ensure optimal functionality and integration.

Optimate understands the complexity of assembly analysis and offers advanced solutions to support companies in analysis, optimisation and manufacturing. Analysing assemblies requires a multidisciplinary approach that includes both technical know-how and a deep understanding of the various manufacturing methods and processes. Our expertise in manufacturing and process engineering enables us to develop customised solutions that meet the specific requirements of our customers.
With Optimate, you can be sure that you have the right tools and expertise to effectively manage the complexity of assemblies and optimise your product development processes.

Fully automatic disassembly

Optimate is continuously setting new standards in industrial design and production optimisation. With the introduction of fully automatic disassembly, Optimate has not only significantly improved the applicability of its services but has also taken a decisive step towards efficiency and time savings for its customers.

Fully automatic disassembly enables assemblies to be analysed precisely and quickly by efficiently separating the individual components from each other and classifying them according to their manufacturing process. This automated process minimises human error and optimises the accuracy of the analysis, leading to improved quality and reliability of the results.

This innovation saves our customers valuable time in necessary downstream processes in the product development process. Automated disassembly significantly reduces manual effort and allows companies to focus on their core competences and make their production processes more efficient.

Outlook: Assembly optimisation

Finally, we would like to give you an outlook on Optimate's software development for the coming months.  The analysis and separation of assemblies marks just the beginning and forms the foundation for a significant milestone in autumn - the world's first fully automatically optimised sheet metal assembly! For EuroBLECH 2024, we have set ourselves the goal of being able to present the first results of an optimised sheet metal assembly live. We are already looking forward to the upcoming time, the trade fair in Hanover and to hopefully welcoming you there.

You can find us at EuroBLECH in hall 11, stand A-105. Contact us to get your free entry ticket.

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Jonas Steiling

CEO & Co-Founder

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