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New Feature: Integrated Cost Calculation

In addition to the two main functions, feasibility analysis and AI-supported part optimization, which can already be used via our App or as a CAD plug-in, the integrated cost calculation now adds another feature to the Optimate tool.

Until now, the App gave a percentage indication of the potential savings of the optimized design compared to the existing variant. This was already a good indicator to conclude the new production costs. Regarding individual production and material costs, the indicator held further potential for application by Optimate users.

From potential savings to concreate costs

With the introduction of cost calculation, the percentage savings potentials of several parts are now translated into concrete costs with just one click. In addition, the tool breaks down cost factors into sheet metal processing production steps. Based on the breakdown, designers can identify the cost drivers in the process and uncover optimization potential. Thus, not only the material of the part, but equally the design and consequently the process steps influence the total costs of the part. The cost calculation of material, scrap and the production steps (laser cutting, bending and welding) is based on specific sheet metal know-how developed over decades by our parent company TRUMPF.

The following parameters are fundamentally included in the calculation:

  • Material: weight according to average market prices
  • Scrap: weight according to average market prices for unused surface
  • Cutting: setup costs + production time x machine hourly rate
  • Bending: setup costs + production time x machine hourly rate
  • Welding: setup costs + production time x machine hourly rate

Individual customer profile for precisely tailored costs

In addition to the programmed default values, the individual customer profile in the Optimate App helps to map both the optimized parts and the cost calculation precisely to the companies' parameters. The more specific the information on machines, production processes and material, the more reliable and accurate the results in terms of design and costs.

Diverse application examples across departmental boundaries

The application examples are diverse depending on the target group. From design to purchasing, controlling and sales, everyone benefits from a uniform and standardized calculation.  The benefits range from accelerated development processes and long-term planning reliability for production to solid price and quotation costing - all in a matter of seconds!

Written by

Andreza Brilhante

HR / People Growth Manager

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In addition to the feasibility analysis and AI-supported part optimization, the Optimate tool has been expanded with the integrated cost calculation for sheet metal parts.


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