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What is Optimate?

Optimate is a digital service for the optimization of sheet metal components. Saving our customers' costs is our top priority. With a unique constellation of innovative machine learning models and years of know-how from the sheet metal industry, we analyze components, identify cost drivers and improve your products.

What will it cost me to use Optimate?

Use can be booked in 3 levels. Starter (€ 39.95 / month), Advanced (€ 399.95 / month) and Enterprise (individual offer preparation). The individual details of the packages can be found on our pricing page.

Which data do I have to provide when registering?

To register with Optimate, we need your email address, your first name and your last name. You assign an individual password yourself.

How can I pay?

Payment is currently possible by credit card and on account.

Can I use the Optimate service from any country?

You can use the Optimate service worldwide. Please contact us if you would like to book our service outside of Germany.

Which file format do I need to be able to use the Optimate service?

In order to be able to use the Optimate service, we need your components in a .step file format.

Can I change my booked package?

You can change your booked package at any time at the end of a month of use. To make a change to your package, please contact us.

I don't understand the analysis of my component, how can I get help?

You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about your results using our contact form in the customer area. We also offer you to take a look at our knowledge database (link) in order to receive initial support.

Does Optimate also redesign my components?

Only if expressly stated in the agreed service description does the online component optimization include a redesign of a component that we have analyzed.

How can I be sure that the suggestions from Optimate meet my requirements for the component?

The customer must always check the online component optimization himself and on his own responsibility for the suitability for the intended use, in particular with regard to external forces. The customer must also carry out the necessary simulations himself. He is responsible for whether and how he allows the online component optimization to flow into a redesign or use of his component.

Which materials does Optimate support?

Optimate currently supports structural steel, stainless steel and aluminum.